Silent Auction

Silent “Promises” Auction – Time, Talents, Gifts!

We are planning to hold a Silent Auction to raise money for church funds.  This will enable us to raise money whilst still observing social distancing rules in the current climate and is a great opportunity for you to use your own personal gifts and talents. 

Please give some thought as to what you can offer as a “promise” that anyone can then bid for by means of a sealed silent bid.  Your “promise” will be awarded to the highest bidder.

This could be giving some of your time, or your talents, or actual gifts.  Some may be good for Christmas present ideas too! Here is the catalogue so far.


How it Works ……..

By 20th October - please submit your “promise” to Jo Chandler  or  by phone on  07703 797039.   If you require a reserve price for your “promise” please make sure you include this. 

1st November - a full catalogue of “promises” will be published for all to view. We will list your name against your “promise” unless you specify you do not want us to.


Then the bidding starts! ……….

1st-15th November – everyone has the opportunity to place their own silent bid for “promises” of their choice.  Please submit your bid in writing to Jo Chandler or  by placing  your bid in a sealed envelope and handing it into  the church office.  We will require your name, contact details, the item number and the amount you wish to bid. If you are interested in more than one item, please submit each one separately.  Please write the item number on the outside of your envelope.

16th November – “promises” without bids or those with lots of bids will be published again for any final bids to be placed.

30th November - bids will be opened and the “promise” awarded to the highest bidder.

1-8th December - winners will be notified with details of how to pay via the church office and who to contact to claim their item.  The giver of the item will also be advised how much their item went for and who will be in contact with them to claim it.   You have 6 months to claim your “promise”.   

We look forward to receiving your offers of time, talents and gifts as an opportunity for fund-raising for church funds.     If you would like further information or have any questions, please contact me - Jo Chandler on 07703 797 039.  Thank you for your support.